Sometimes Mortgage

Can Be Confusing.

AnJu Capital will always help you step by step.



Provide your basic information


After you located your dream house, please provide some basic information such as photocopies of your passport, Visa, paystubs and other documents. In the mean time, wire the earnest money deposit to escrow.



Receive Purchase Agreement and all related documents


You will then receive many purchase and loan related documents for your review. We will assist you every step of the way to help you to fully understand these documents, and answer any questions you may have. 



​Confirm Mortgage details


We will need your confirmation on your mortgage details such as loan amount, interest rate, term and product type before we proceed. Don't worry, we will assist you on picking the most suitable one.



​Review and sign documents


Before you sign, we will do a final review togather making sure everything is correct. Then you can sign with confidence.



​Wire closing fee to escrow


While your loan is being wired out, you can wire the rest of the down payment to escrow. Then our jaurney ends and you will have the key to your dream home.